Experience of use Traugel

Patients all over the world have already experienced the beneficial effects of Trausgel. Some of them shared their comments about the experience of using the gel.

Experience using Traugel gel from Otakar from Prague

experience with TraugelI have had arthritis in my knee joints for over 8 years. At the moment I use various ointments, tablets, physiotherapy. The doctor advised me to try the new Traugel gel for arthritis. I didn't know anything about it before, I read reviews, studied the composition, how to use the gel. Attracted by the natural composition of the drug and ease of use. This gel is suitable for people of any age, it is recommended for athletes I ordered the gel on the manufacturer's official website. Sold in a soft tube, it has a pleasant smell and a texture that is quickly absorbed.

For 2 months, I regularly applied Traugel to the knee area. After each application, there is a decrease in pain, after 10 days joint mobility increases and pain becomes insignificant. And a month later they disappeared completely. I underwent an X-ray examination, which showed that the connective tissue and cartilage began to develop. The doctor recommended to continue the treatment for another month. Now I am sure that the pain that appeared when walking has disappeared, the mobility of the joints has improved.

I recommend using the gel to anyone with arthritis, as I have.